Oct 19, 2017

Space object falls lighting up the southern sky!

A meteorite had fallen into the Southern sea last night (18), it is reported.

People in various areas had spotted a bright light falling towards the ground around 8.30 last night which caused some confusion in their minds.

According to available information, this had been due to a fairly large meteoroid falling into the sea, said the Director of the planetary and space unit of the Colombo University, Dr. Chandana Jayaratne.

He said most in Colombo had only spotted a fast moving light while those in the Southern province had seen the light and also heard a loud noise.

He explained that a meteoroid travels at a speed of around 65 km per second and the heat generated through it combines with the oxygen in the atmosphere resulting in a trail of fire.

According to the speed of the meteoroid, the pressure in the front section of it increases while the pressure in the lower part decreases causing it to explode which generates a loud sound, Jayaratne said.

He said this incident could be suspected to be  a result of the earth orbiting Hailey’s smoke cloud.