Jul 27, 2018

One signature in draft constitution is forged? Featured

Party leaders in the joint opposition have decided to ask speaker Karu Jayasuriya to immediately convene the Constitutional Council following an allegation that one of the signatures in the draft constitution has been forged.

The request will be made by JO parliamentary group Dinesh Gunawardena, leader of Pivithuru Hela Urumaya has told ‘Mawbima’.

It is a serious matter that the opinion in the CC is divided, as only six of the 10 of its members have signed the document, and that some of them say one signature is a forge, said Gammanpila.

The owner of the signature had not been in Sri Lanka for a six month period, and his signature had been forged into the document, according to him.

Furthermore, the draft constitution contains several contentious issues that needs to be discussed, he added.

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