Jul 23, 2018

Elephant crossing in Mullaitivu holds up traffic (Pics)

Traffic along the Mullaitivu - Mankulam road faced a standstill for nearly an hour after a herd of elephants crossed the road yesterday (22).

The herd, which included around 10 elephants, had lingered near the road while on their way to from the Nedunkerni reserve to the Mankulam reserve.

Residents say that the herd must have gone towards the Iranamadu tank in search of water due to the prevailing drought.

They add that elephants from other regions have been brought to the Mullaitivu, Nedunkerni and Oddusuddan reserves during recent times and elephants have started to enter villages in search of water during the drought.

They urge authorities to erect an elephant fence to secure village areas.

(Pics : Madhava Kulasooriya - Vavuniya correspondent)







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