Jul 17, 2018

Five powerful underworld figures for minister’s security

A senior police officer revealed yesterday that information had been received that five powerful underworld gang members are being employed as private security officers of a minister.

He said that a photograph of these underworld members and the relevant minister is in the possession of the special police team.

It is also revealed that a police Constable who had been found to have connections with the underworld is also among these five underworld gangsters.

A powerful underworld leader who is said to have been employed at the minister’s office, had been shot and killed recently during a confrontation with the police.

Further, this minister who is said to be receiving protection of five underworld gangsters, is said to be pressuring the police whenever certain suspects are apprehended by the police for possession of heroin or Cannabis, according to police sources.

It is also reported that this minister had telephoned the police recently and pressured them to release two suspects who had been nabbed by the police for possession of 5grams of heroin and a pistol and another suspect who had been nabbed for possession of 500 grams of Kerala Cannabis.