Jun 22, 2018

Did Sugandika’s dress violate the courts dress code?

The Marawila Magistrate had warned Attorney Sugandhika Fernando regarding her dress worn to the Marawila Courts when she appeared for a case, which had caused a huge uproar, said the Marawila Lawyers Association.

Attorney Sugandhika Fernando had attended a trial being held at the Marawila Magistrates Court clad in a dress, where the Marawila Lawyers Association had objected to it through a letter.

According to the Marawila Lawyers Association President Attorney Lalantha Sarathchandra, Attorney Sugandhika had attended court sessions on several days clad in a pyjama type dress, in a disrespectful manner. It is said that after court was notified of this matter Additional Magistrate Keminda Perera had made a statement regarding the matter.

Accordingly, he had noted that as a lawyer, Sugandhika had violated the 7th rule of the set of Supreme Court rules and had not attended court dressed in a suitable manner.

The Marawila Lawyers Association President Attorney Lalantha Sarathchandra said that Attorney Sugandhika had accepted the charge and bowing her head had left the court yesterday without attending the rest of the day’s cases.

When contacted regarding this charge, Attorney Sugandhika accepted that she had attended court sessions clad in a dress, but added that there was legal provision to do so. She also added that she had not left without attending the rest of the day’s sessions yesterday, adding that the Magistrate had not given her any warning or advice.

According to Sugandhika, what the Magistrate had said was that she could respond to these charges if she wished and that the court had no authority to take a decision regarding this matter. She further added that she would meet the Supreme Court Registrar and seek his advice regarding wearing a dress to court.