May 17, 2018

Human kindness helps blind elephant (pics)

A wild elephant that had lost its eyesight either by being shot or some other reason had been roaming in the Sigiriya wild life sanctuary and the Wild Life officers have now made arrangements to shift it to the Udawalawe Ath Athuru Sevana.

Based on information received from villagers the wild life officers had been monitoring this elephant and as his life is in danger, they had sedated the elephant and prepared him to be transported to the wild life sanctuary in Udawalawe.

The Sigiriya wild life officers said that as the wild elephant is blind, it bangs into trees and is seen roaming populated areas. The animal also has many gunshot injuries on him.

The villagers claim that the elephant believed to be around 40 years has been roaming the Sigiriya area.

According to a monk in the area, the elephant is no threat to the people in the area. The elephant that had been tied by the wild life officers in preparation for his transfer, was seen being fed by the villages, who were able to get quite close to the animal.

A team of wild life officers including Veterinarian D.M. Dharmakeerthi had sedated the animal and they would take the elephant to the Udawalawe sanctuary and treat him for his injuries.






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