Mar 07, 2018

Manikhinna incident - 3 of the arrested are security forces personnel!

Of the four persons arrested over the unruly behaviour in Menikhinna, despite curfew being imposed in the Kandy administrative district, three are said to be security forces personnel, investigations have revealed.

Of the three, one is still in active police service, while the other two are former Army and Navy personnel.

Intelligence sources have determined that these clashes are an organised and premeditated act by a certain group.

According to the police, around 400 persons had been acting in a disruptive manner in the Menikhinna area last night and the police had to fire shots into the air to control the situation.

While the mobs had dispersed after shots were fired, but so far no reports regarding any injuries have been revealed.

Under the emergency the tri forces have been given orders to use power, while those arrested under the emergency law could be denied of bail. Hence the police urged the public to act in a peaceful manner and abide by the law.


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