'Fight in parliament aggravated due to Speaker’s fault' 'Fight in parliament aggravated due to Speaker’s fault'
Jan 13, 2018

No Confidence motion against Speaker! Featured

The Joint Opposition is planning on bring forth a No Confidence motion against the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya over his actions in parliament last week, ‘Divaina’ newspaper reported.

According a JO member, the disagreement between the parliament members last Wednesday had aggravated into a violent exchange of blows due to the fault of the Speaker, while the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe should also be held responsible for this situation.

He noted that the Joint Opposition had already taken a decision to bring forth a No Confidence motion against the Prime Minister, while the same would be brought against the Speaker simultaneously.

 'Flouting agreements taken at the party leaders meeting'

He said certain matters that had been agreed upon at the party leaders meeting had been changed by the Speaker after he had taken his seat, adding that the Speaker should act impartially, but instead the current Speaker was acting in a partial manner that favours the UNP.

The JO – MP stated that the trust placed on the Speaker is eroding gradually as his actions are demeaning the integrity of the parliament.

He further said that all parties representing the Joint Opposition as well as the JVP and the SLFM members within the government are disgruntled with the actions of the Speaker.


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