Dec 12, 2017

Indicted Range Bandara released

State Minister Range Bandara who was indicted was cleared of all charges and released by the Colombo High Court Judge A.A.R. Heyyanthuduwa today.

This was consequent to the Deputy Solicitor General, on behalf of the Attorney General, seeking court permission to withdraw the indictment against the accused State Minister.

Indictment was filed against State Minister Palitha Range Bandara on charges of illegally acquiring a Jeep and aiding in registering it under a Montero registration certificate and using it, approving of the illegal act or conspiring.

The Deputy Solicitor General had notified court that as the two parties had reached a settlement regarding the charges, there was no requirement to proceed with the hearing any further.

Therefore the High Court Judge cleared the State Minister of all charges and ordered that he be released.



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