Nov 13, 2017

Don’t give Milo to children, president tells parents Featured

Health authorities are not looking into the high sugar content in the Milo chocolate malt drink that is very popular among schoolchildren, president Maithripala Sirisena alleges.

Participating in the Diabetes Day march yesterday (11), he said Milo contained 16.5 per cent sugar, when compared to the prescribed level of five pc.

The president, who has a strong policy against multinational milk companies, this time targeted Nestle, which also sells infant milk powders Nan and Lactogen as well as Nespray.

Hiding sugar content

He went onto charge Nestle of including 20 pc of sugar to its latest product Nespray Everyday, but misleading consumers by hiding its sugar content.

The president said he would continue to oppose Milo until its sugar level is reduced to five pc.

He said all milk-based drinks should display their sugar content, while the sugar levy on beverages introduced by the budget should apply to them all.