Oct 30, 2017

Mini diesel generator tender faces malpractice allegations Featured

Procurement Appeal Board is to announce its decision on the multi-million rupee tender to procure 50 mini diesel generators and associated gear.

Allegations were leveled against the awarding of the tender to a high bidder with questionable credentials.

18 bidders submitted their bids for the tender which was closed on February 08, 2016.

The tender called by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) for the supply, installation and commissioning of 50 1MW/1.25 MVA containerised package diesel generators, 25 step-up containerized transformer units and 25 containerised diesel fuel tanks has been awarded recently to Sterling & Wilson of India which was earlier rejected by the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC).

The TEC has recommended Senok Trade Combine Pvt Ltd as the most responsive and lowest bidder with no deviations from the procurement criteria, and none of the engineers’ input was taken into consideration.

Standing Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee (SCAPC) has overruled this decision and arbitrarily requested the TEC to reevaluate two bidders (Sterling & Wilson of India and Hyosung Corporation of India) who have been rejected for non compliance and for making incomplete bids.

A plan has been hatched to award the tender to this Indian company without a clear reason being given to justify it.

Even after the conclusion of the reevaluation process, TEC has recommended Senok Trade Combine Pvt Ltd as the suitable bidder.

Without giving any reasons.The ‘Perkins’ generator brand offered by Sterling & Wilson of India had been rejected by the CEB engineers and TEC on previous occasions as it is not compatible with the national grid.

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