Oct 28, 2017

Young wife who signed for husband’s bail jailed – two children helpless Featured

A heart wrenching incident was reported from the Ambalangoda Courts about a mother who had posed bail for her husband over an assault case had been imprisoned for six months.

A 24-year-old mother from Welekumbura, Balangoda, T.P.W. Sepalika Samanmali had to face this dire predicament abandoning her two children aged three and two years.

Having posed bail for her husband and got him released on bail, her husband had fled the area and failed to appear in Court. Hence, Court ordered her to pay the fine of Rs. 100,000 she signed for as the surety.

Yet, as she failed to pay that fine, the Balangoda Magistrate Duminda P. Mudunkotuwa ordered that she be imprisoned for six months for failure to pay the fine.

Appeal to volunteer to pay the fine

However, the responsibility of taking care of the two children was handed over to Samanmali’s mother, but this is a big challenge considering the dire financial situation of their family.

These two children have now lost the care of their father as well as the mother.

Therefore, the relatives appeal to anyone who is willing to pay this fine in order to have Samanmali released.

When inquired from the Balangoda Lawyers Association President, Counsel Deshabandu Sooriyapatabendi about this situation he said the wife who signed for her husband’s release is facing a dire predicament adding that most people sign for bail without proper understanding of the consequences they would have to face in the event the accused fails to appear in Court. In that event, those signing for bail will have to pay the fine or face punishment determined by the Court.

However, taking into consideration the plight of the two children, he mental state, for which she has been taking treatment for the past several months and the family’s financial situation, she could appeal for concession.

Further the grandmother of the children is also said to be ill.

Meanwhile, if anyone volunteers to pay the fine, the young mother could obtain release.

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