Oct 15, 2017

Many LG bodies will have coalition administrations! Featured

Heads of local government bodies are to be appointed at a vote by the members elected to the LG bodies, according to the new electoral system for them.

Even if a single party wins a majority in a LG body, another party could form an administration with the support of other parties or independent groups.

Previously, the party or the independent group winning the highest number of members was able to gain power.

Administration will be unstable…

JHU general secretary, minister Champika Ranawaka says this will create unstable administrations in LG bodies.

No party will win an absolute majority at the LG elections to be held under a mixed electoral system, he says, adding that continuation of such a system will be problematic.

According to him, the UNP will be able to gain a comparative victory at the election, but that will not be a majority.

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