Sep 07, 2017

ETF embarks on technology re-orientation

The Employees Trust Fund (ETF) embarks on a programme of re-orientation in its operations thorough a modern technological strategy to be compatible with current socio-economic environment.

A project to streamline the operations of ETF under this new Information Technology (IT) strategy was launched at its headquarters in Colombo recently.

The new strategy is aimed at providing a more productive service to members (private sector employees) of the fund; over 2.6 million members receive benefits from this Fund.

Under this initiative, the Inspection System Application alias EISA Project has been introduced by the Employees Trust Fund.

EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) is a standard computer interconnection architecture which is used to stream line operational functions of IT systems.   

Inspection of ETF accounts of its member would be made easy under with the implementation of EISA project.

Manual operations in handling files of ETF members will be halted with the implementation of the new system; he said adding that this would result in a complete overhaul of the present process.

Financial assistance and consultancy support have been received from the Finance Ministry and the International Labour Organization to implant the project.

There is a need for everyone to integrate themselves with the social security system, and plans are underway to increase ETF value to 275 billion from current Rs.250 billion by adding more employers to the current contributors numbering 79,600.