Jul 23, 2017

Rs. 98 million worth earth dug from state land Featured

The Auditor General’s Department has exposed how two wealthy businessmen had defrauded Rs. 98 million to the state by digging earth from a Mahaweli Authority owned land and selling it for the southern expressway construction at Mattala.

T.D. Gunaratne and Global Technology had leased the grassland in question at Walsapugala, Mayurapura in Hambantota, purportedly to construct a reservoir to serve drinking water needs of wild animals.

Investigations revealed they had obtained an eight-acre land on lease, but had removed earth from a 13 acre area between May and November 2016.

One company had defrauded Rs. 66 million to the state by fraudulently selling 117,000 cubes, and the other Rs. 32 million for 58,000 cubes.

The AG’s report says the two companies should pay Rs. 98 million to the state, at the rate of Rs. 560 per cube.

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