Jul 17, 2017

Gazette notification changes Vesak Poya

In its special gazette notification indicating the government holidays for 2018, April 29,2018 has been marked as Vesak Poya, Gampaha district MP, Sisira Jayakody said.

He said such mutilation of his sacred day puts the Buddhists in the country in great difficulty and asked the Chief Prelates, President and Prime Minister to step in to rectify this error.

In January 2018, the 1st and 31st are both Poya days and have been named Duruthu and Nawam Poya days. According to the Special gazette notification 2024/55, May 29 has been named ‘Adhi Poson Poya’.

However, this mistake can be rectified by renaming the two poya days in January as Duruthu and Adhi Duruthu poya. However, in the event it is not rectified, Vesak will have to be celebrated in April instead of May, said Sisira jayakody.