Jul 17, 2017

Sexual abuse allegation against DIG!

A complaint of sexual abuse said to have taken place around 11 years ago, has been lodged with the Galle Police on July 15.

The complaint has been lodged by a 26-year-old woman resident in Gonapinuwala in Galle and has alleged that the incident had taken place while the said DIG was in charge of the Galle area.

The complaint is as follows:

The woman in her complaint had stated that in 2006, she had gone with her parents and two brothers to the official residence of the DIG who was then the SSP in charge of the Galle area, at lower Dickson road, to attend a religious ceremony. While they were sleeping in the upper floor of the SSP’s official residence, early morning her mother had noticed blood on her daughter’s under garments and panicked. At that time the SSP had asked them not to make a fuss about the incident and offered them Rs. 1.8 million to maintain their silence. The SSP is also said to have gifted them a house in Gonapinuwala. However, now the DIG is threatening them and wanting the house back. Hence they had lodged this complaint.

The complainant also stated that at the time of the incident she was 15 years and 06 months and she is currently pursuing her external degree.

However, so far no arrests have been made regarding the complaint and the Galle Police are conducting investigations.

Expressing his views regarding the incident, Galle district SSP Chandana Kariyawasam said;
“The complaint has been lodged about an incident that had taken place around 11 years back. The said DIG has now retired. While the Galle Police are conducting investigations, we have sought the AG’s advice on how to proceed with the case. According to the AG’s advice we will carry out our duty,” he said.