Oct 22, 2016

Human-crocodile conflicts too, becoming commonplace

Human-crocodile conflicts are becoming commonplace just like the human-elephant conflicts, with 88 people had either been injured or killed in crocodile attacks since 2005.

Also, human action leads to about 100 crocodile deaths a year.

Around half of the country’s areas experience human-crocodile conflicts, with Walawe, Menik and Nilwala river areas as well as the eastern province reporting most of the incidents.

Especially, thousands of young crocodiles live in the Nilwala and people of the area say they could be captured now as water levels of the river have come down.

Once captured, they could be released to wildlife parks or the crocodile park to be established in Kirala Kele.

Wildlife, irrigation and agriculture authorities, in collaboration with the local government bodies of the affected areas, should take concerted action to prevent human-crocodile conflicts, people add.