Jan 20, 2017

Implementation of 325 development projects this year

325 development projects are to be implemented this year through relevant ministries and affiliated institutions following guidelines issued by the Treasury    

The Treasury Secretary has informed secretaries of all line ministries to take necessary actions to implement all development proposals made by Budget 2017 for each ministry.

Budget 2017 has proposed 325 projects to be implemented and, National Budget Department has allocated necessary funds for each ministry to implement them hassle free.

Certain budget proposals in the past were not implemented properly during the targeted period of time thereby the country lost expected benefits.

The Ministry of Finance has issued guidelines to all ministry secretaries about the projects coming under the purview of each ministry and, how such projects proposed by the budget are implemented.

It also includes details with regard to new laws to be introduced if necessary.

The ministry has further advised ministry secretaries to prepare an action plan and implement all the projects and proposals made by the budget within this year in order to eradicate poverty, generate employment enabling the public to increase their income.

Treasury Secretary Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga has already informed ministry secretaries to prepare procurement plans and action plans with immediate effect and submit them to the Director General Budget Department to enable him to provide necessary grants for each project.

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