Aug 11, 2019

SL among countries with most snake bite cases

Sri Lanka has been named as one of the countries with the most number of snake bite related deaths.

According to a report on BBC Sinhala Service, surveys reveal that 70 percent of the world's fatal snake bites are reported from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

According to the available statistics, a total of 550,000 snake bites are reported from around the globe per year and the death toll stands at 138,000.

In addition, there are reportedly 400,000 cases of permanent disability and amputation of limbs due to snake poisoning are also reported.

However, biologists are of the view that snakes should be perceived as an animal which serves a useful purpose for humanity rather than considering them as an enemy of man.

According to herpetological expert - Mendis Wickramasinghe, although around 80,000 snake bites are reported from Sri Lanka every year, the number of fatal cases are only around 400.