Aug 10, 2019

Ulema Organisation an anti-women group – Sithara Shreen Featured

The reason for the delay in the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) revision is being delayed due to the members of the Jamayathul Ulema Organisation influencing the Muslim Ministers, alleges social activist Sithara Shreen Abdul Saroor.

She had made this allegation in a long letter.

“The activists who have been fighting to reform the MMDA for a long time are now tired of the anti-women group. The main reason for the Mahfooz Committee to take nine years to present their report is the inability for Rizwe
Mufthi, President of the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU) (who has been holding the highest position in the Lanka Jamiyathul Ulema for 20 years) and its Secretary Mubarak to agree with the intellectuals and legal experts on
a single set of recommendations.

It is clear that the Jamiyathul Ulema is trying to sabotage the activities of the Mahfooz Committee in its last stage of reforms. At the time of recommendations, the Mahfooz Committee had discussed the issue with all parties including the Jamiyathul Ulema,” he said.

Saroor also alleges that the document containing 14 recommendations which received the agreement of all Muslim MPs on July 15th, had leaked prior to being submitted for Cabinet approval.

It is also said that the Jamiyathul Ulema Organisation had issued warning to the 12 Muslim MPs on July 18th that if they agree to the revision of the MMDA including the 14 clauses agreed by them, it would be a historic betrayal to the Muslim Community and they would be held responsible.

Therefore, she said that the actions of Rizwie and his group are no better than Gnanasara Thera and Rathana Thera, who are identified as racists and proposed that Rizwie and his Jamiyathul Ulema group should also be

 Muslim men taking advantage of not having to register marriages

The Ulema Organisation was further criticised over the Muslim multiple marriages.

“The marriages should definitely be registered. Although the Jamiyathul Ulema had agreed to the conditional multi marriages, they are vehemently opposed to the registration of marriages. Presently many Women’s Groups
have complained about the issues that arise due to the non-registering of Muslim marriages. If the marriages are not registered, there is no way to determine how many marriages the man has. As a result men take advantage of
this situation and I have personally come across many instances where men have entered many marriages way over the stipulated four.

In one particular instance, this man had 13 wives and this is a system of free sex service for them without having to make any payment. Hence, I am amazed that the Jamiyathul Ulema is allowing these men to engage in this
free sex service without entering proper marriages.”

The complete letter written by Saroor is Check it out here.