Aug 10, 2019

No budget for next year -Kiriella Featured

The government has decided not to present a budget to parliament for next year and instead the government would present an interim account for the first quarter from January 01 to April 30th, said Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella.

As the Presidential election is scheduled to be held in December, there would not be a possibility to present a budget and take it up for debate. Hence the decision was taken not to present the budget 2020 in November, he

Generally the Finance Minister presents the budget proposals for the next year during the first or second week in November.

Thereafter, from the next day the budget proposals are debated for an entire month and the final vote is taken sometime in December.

However, according to government sources, as the presidential election campaign would be in full force during November and with the presidential election being held in December, there is no room for the budget to be presented and debated.

Last year too due to the volatile situation in the country as a result of the political crisis, the budget for 2019 could not be presented in November.

Accordingly, an interim budget for 2019 January to April was presented on March 05th.