Aug 09, 2019

China-Sri Lanka relations benefit both parties Featured

The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Cheng Xueyuan stated that both countries have benefited from China-Sri Lanka relations.

He made this comment at the launching of the Sri Lanka-China Journalists Association website at the Embassy of China yesterday (08 August).

He also emphasized that the development projects implemented by China in Sri Lanka have greatly contributed to the economic development of the country.

He said projects such as the Hambantota Port and the Colombo Port City play a major role in Sri Lanka's future development goals, but the Western media portrays them negatively.

Mr. Xueyuan said China supported Sri Lanka's efforts to eradicate terrorism for Sri Lanka's open and territorial integrity.

The Chinese Ambassador also appreciated Sri Lanka's support to China in recent controversial issues such as Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

He said China's development would benefit not only China but the entire world and China would not allow any country to be isolated.

"No one can stop the development of China," he said, adding that some Western countries are viewing China's development negatively.

The Ambassador also expressed concern over the Hong Kong crisis, saying that Hong Kong had undergone a major development when it came under the Chinese government and that the protests that had started there peacefully had now become violent.

The Ambassador further stated that some Western countries are accusing China of this situation and stressed that China is taking measures to establish law and order in Hong Kong.

Mr. Xueyuan officially launched the web site, the new website of the Sri Lanka-China Journalists Association.

President of the Journalists Association of Sri Lanka Nalin Aponsu, Secretary Kanchana Dassanayake and members of the Executive Committee of the Association were present at this event.