Jul 26, 2019

Measures urged to ban arrack, vinegar made of artificial toddy Featured

The chairman of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection in Sri Lanka Ranjith Withanage has complained to the Presidential Secretariat calling for the banning of arrack and vinegar using artificial toddy made of ammonia and urea which is harmful to the body.

He had complained to the President that despite complaints to many institutions justice had not been served.

“Arrack is widely manufactures in various parts of the country using the artificial toddy. Recently a large scale brewery was raided in Kalutara and over 50,000 litres was seized. They had used water, urea, ammonia and discarded mobile phone batteries for the production of the illegal brew.

We appeal to the President to put a stop to the production of artificial toddy in accordance with his drive to stop the use intoxicating substances. We would also like to bring to your notice that the relevant authorities such as the Consumer Affairs Authority, Excise Department, Government Analysts Department and the Health Ministry have all failed in their responsibility to investigate and stop such illegal activities,” he said in the letter to the President.