Jul 26, 2019

Muslim Congress not in the UNP coalition

The Muslim Congress has taken a decision not to sign the MoU to join the National Democratic Front headed by the UNP, until it has been decided who would be the presidential candidate, it is reported.

Therefore, the Muslim Congress would not be signing the agreement on August 05th, when the UNP led coalition the National Democratic Front would be established.

The Muslim Congress had stated that once the two candidates from the two camps are named and if they endorse the UNP led candidate they would sign the agreement to join the coalition.

However, they had decided not to take that decision until the Supreme Council meets and also not to accept ministerial posts until then.

Muslim Congress Supreme Council opposes Sajith

The Muslim Congress Supreme Council has openly opposed the nomination of Sajith Premadasa, but it hs a better response regarding Karu Jayasuriya.

However, they are also not very supportive of another likely candidate Champika Ranawaka.

However, it is said that several groups currently with the UNP have also decided not to sign the agreement to join the National Democratic Front until a definite decision regarding te presidential candidate is taken.

Rishad’s decision also delayed

Meanwhile the leader of the All Ceylon People’s Congress former Minister Rishad Bathiudeen states his party would take the decision regarding joining the National Democratic Front at the meeting on August 04th.

It is reported that Rishad supports Sajith Premadasa’s nomination as the Presidential candidate.