Jun 08, 2019

Clashes again between Maithri-Karu! Featured

Clashes have erupted again between President Maithripala Sirisena and Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, it is reported.

The reasons for the clash is that the Speaker had failed to read a letter sent by the President in parliament stating that as there are five court cases being heard regarding the April 21st incident and as such appointing a select committee would impact on these court cases.

This was revealed during a meeting held by the President with senior police officers at the Presidential Secretariat.

The President had noted that while it was the tradition to read out these letters sent by him in parliament, he is disappointed that the Speaker had not made any mention about such letters sent by him.

President’s assurance to intelligence officers

President Sirisena had stated at the meeting that he does not endorse the summoning of intelligence officers before the select committee and having them reveal state intelligence information before the media.

So far the officers summoned before the parliamentary select committee are all retired officers and the President had assured that no intelligence officer currently in service would be allowed to be called before the parliamentary select committee. He had said that he is willing to take full responsibility for them.