May 30, 2019

Finance Ministry Media Director released!

The Media Director of the Ministry of Finance Mohamed Ali Hassan was released by the police following interrogations, said Police Media Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara.

He was arrested yesterday in Malwana over possession of 12-bore gun ammunition.

93 rounds of 12-bore gun ammunition were recovered from an outdoor space of his residence at Malwana area in Biyagama during a cordon and search operation carried out by the Army and Police last morning.

The police said that the 93 ammunition used for 12 bore gun was found by the security personnel during search operations in the upper part of the patio between his residence and the adjoining house.

Therefore, the Finance Ministry’s Media Director was arrested for further questioning.

SP Gunasekara further stated that an Assistant Superintendent of Police had inspected the location extensively and Ali Hassan’s knowledge of the location had been put to test, the Police Spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the police had taken measures to seek the Attorney General’s advice on the incident.

It was reported that the house where the ammunition was recovered, belonged to his father-in-law, who had been in possession of a licensed firearm.

Mohamed Ali Hassan had joined the Information Department in 1982 as an assistant information officer and had later worked in the media divisions of several departments including the postal and health departments.

During 1995-2004 he had also served in the Presidential media unit and in 2005 had served for around three months at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Currently he holds the post of Media Director at the Finance Ministry and is scheduled to retire from government service in April next year.