Apr 23, 2019

No Confidence: Response to UNP allegations against President today! Featured

The General Secretary of the SLFP Dayasiri Jayasekara had told the ‘Divaina’ newspaper that a response to the allegations levelled against the President by the UNP that he had failed in the manner he acted as the Law and Order and Defence Minister at a media briefing yesterday.

The General Secretary said this in response to queries made regarding several UNP-MPs claiming that the post should have been given to Minister Sarath Fonseka. 

Jayasekara noted that he cannot express his personal views regarding the explosions, adding that a special media briefing would be convened today in order to express the SLFP views. 

PM’s allegations

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Sunday, said that despite receiving early reports, the failure to have taken action is a serious matter. 

Addressing the media on Monday, Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that international intelligence services had notified the Defence Ministry regarding this danger on April 04th. 

“The President is the Defence Minister, but when he was travelling overseas, he did not appoint anyone to oversee his duties. No one was entrusted with the responsibilities,” Senaratne said. 

After the October 26 conspiracy, the President had removed the Police Service which was under the Law and Order Ministry and took it under his Defence Ministry.

The UNP group claim that from that point until the attacks, the Prime Minister and Defence Minister had not been called for the Security Council meetings. 

President silent:

President Maithripala Sirisena who was on a private tour and had returned to the country on Sunday night, has so far not responded to these allegations.

Meanwhile, political sources have revealed that the UNP is planning on bringing in a no confidence motion against the President. 

There is also a massive social media attack regarding the failure of the authorities to take action to avert this tragedy having received intelligence information regarding such a situation.