Apr 18, 2019

Will Madush be deported or not? – Decision today Featured

The Dubai courts will take the decision today on whether underworld leader Makandure Madush would be deported from Dubai or not, according to sources from Dubai.

Madush had made an appeal to the Dubai Courts a few weeks ago through a team of Indian lawyers urging that the Dubai authorities not deport him to Sri Lanka as the Sri Lankan police and other rival underworld ganga are planning to kill him.

The verdict is expected this afternoon.

Currently 21 suspects who were detained together with Madush have been deported, while seven more are said to be in Dubai custody.

Among them is the famous singer Amal Perera, according to the police.

However, it is noted that the Dubai Police has not allowed the Sri Lankan legal units or security units to directly intervene in the issue pertaining to Madush.

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