Mar 12, 2019

When the hill country springs are drying up, Koslanda set ablaze Featured

An unknown group had set fire to the Koslanda, Kotabathma forest reserve this afternoon (12), according to the Koslanda Police.

Due to the fire that raged for several hours, around 10 acres of the forest reserve has been destroyed.

The police suspect that the fire may have been started to hunt for wild animals or perhaps for fun.

The fire was raging by 1.00 this afternoon and the Koslanda Police, Diyathalawa Army Camp members and the Diyathalawa Air Force camp personnel have launched a combined effort in order to douse the fire.

The residents claim that the fire had destroyed many exotic plants and animals.

Hill country springs dry up

Meanwhile, due to the severe drought affecting the upcountry region water of the springs, rivers, waterfalls and lakes are reducing, said the upcountry environmentalists.

The water levels in some of the main reservoirs in the upcountry region has reduced drastically while water in the springs, rivers and lakes that feed these reservoirs have also dwindled.

Several of the waterfalls have completely dried up while others have experienced significant reduction of water, the environmental organisations noted.