Dec 24, 2018

Who is this Kanjipani? Featured

Intelligence units have received information about a person known as Kajipani Imran who had been involved in large scale drug operations from Pakistan to Sri Lanka and had fled to Pakistan and is currently living a luxury life in Dubai.

It has also been revealed that Kajipani Imran, in addition to his drug racket, is currently engaged in threatening businessmen in Sri Lanka and obtaining ransoms from them through his underworld gangs in the country.

Imran has now established an underworld network in the Maligawatte, Colombo, Aluthkade, Aduruppu Street and Maradana areas and this underworld gang is headed by a person known as G. Rizwan, according to intelligence services.

Kajipani Imran is currently an international player in the drug mafia.

It has also been revealed that he has obtained a luxury house in Dubai on a 99 year lease and is living a luxurious life and is engaged in sending drugs to Sri Laka through his contacts in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Investigations have revealed that another notorious drug kingpin, Makandure Madush is also living in a luxury house close to Kajipani Imran in Pakistan.

It is said that Kajipani Imran has obtained that house for Madush under the name of his illegitimate wife.

Kajipani Imran had recently deployed his underworld accomplices and brutally murdered his legal wife in the Colombo Maligawatte area two months ago. However, despite Kajipani Imran’s drug operations and underworld activities, there is no Interpol red warrant issued against him so far.


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