Nov 11, 2018

Speaker urges all public servants to defend the constitution

Speaker -  Karu Jayasuriya has urged all public servants who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution to revisit that oath.

In a statement issued today (11), the Speaker urges public servants to refuse to execute any illegal orders they may receive no matter from whom.

stating that the actions of the Speaker and Parliament may not always be aligned with the wishes of the executive, Mr. Jayasuriya adds, "I have always be prepared to make whatever sacrifice that my country may required of me. It has been my privilege to stand up to the executive and Defend the rights of Parliament, the supremacy of our constitution and the sovereignty of the people.

"For the record I am prepared to face any consequences for these actions without hesitation," he concludes.
The full statement of Mr. Jayasuriya is as follows : 

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