Nov 03, 2018

Fonseka may lose his Field Marshal title! Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena had inquired the legal provisions to strip Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka of his Field Marshal title over his involvement in a conspiracy to assassinate the President.

The CID is investigating a statement made by Namal Kumara of the Anti-Corruption Front alleging that former TID Director DIG Nalaka Silva and Sarath Fonseka had conspired to assassinate the President and former Defence Secretary.

Accordingly, the CID had commenced an investigation.

Legal advisors and high ranking security personnel had notified the President that this was an illegal conspiracy.

According to a high ranking officer of the Presidential Secretariat, the post of Field Marshal is an active military position and he receives an office and full security from the military.

He further noted that a person holding the post of Field Marshal cannot engage in politics and it is unethical to hold a political position and if he engages in politics, he should do so after resigning from his military post.

The official said that as Fonseka wears his official  military uniform at independence parades and when meeting foreign delegates etc, it is clear that he is still in active military service.

However, according to the legal status, only the President has the authority to grant such a position as he is the defence chief. Therefore, it is the President who has the power to remove Fonseka from this post as well.