Nov 01, 2018

Sluice gates of several reservoirs opened

Due to the prevailing inclement weather, the Rajanganaya, Deduru-Oya and Thabbowa reservoir sluice gates have been opened.

By this afternoon (01) two sluice gates each at the Deduru-Oya and Rajanganaya reservoirs have been opened by two feet. In the Thabbowa reservoir, four sluice gates have been opened by two feet. Hence, as the water from the Deduru-Oya is being released into the Deduru-Oya, Rajanganaya reservoir water being released into the Kala-Oya and Thabbowa reservoir water into the Mee-Oya, the residents living downstream have been advised to be alert of the sudden rise in water levels.

Due to the rise in water levels of the Kala-Oya vehicular traffic on the Puttalam-Mannar road has been affected in the Eluwankulam area. According to the Puttalam Disaster Management Unit, the road in that area had been one foot under water.

Pics by Jude Samantha- Puttalam Corr.