Nov 01, 2018

Elephant killed by farmer’s power lines

An elephants that had entered a papaya plantation in the Minneriya Purana Rathmale village close to the Kaudulla National park had been killed due to electrocution today (01), according to the Kaudulla Wildlife office.

The elephant had been electrocuted due to power lines being laid by the farmer from his home to the farm.

The elephant that was killed is believed to be around 35 years and is around 10 feet in height.

The Girithale Veterinarians had confirmed the death of the animal and the Kaudulla Wildlife officers had taken measures to arrest the farmer and produce him in court.

The villagers claim that the constructed electric fence to prevent elephants from entering the village had not been done properly and the wires being stolen by thieves, the elephants enter the village.

They said that although the wildlife officials show these elephants to the world and obtain large sums of money, they don’t even provide a single pumpkin for these animals to eat. Hence these wild elephants encroach into villages in search of food.

They added that it is the responsibility of the wildlife officials to protect the lives of the people and the wild elephants.

(Pics by W.A. Piyatillake – Hingurakgoda Corr.)






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