Nov 01, 2018

Groom gets cold feet on wedding day

The Kegalle Police had summoned both parties and recorded their statements following a complaint made by a bride that the groom had not shown up at their wedding day.

The police had adviced the 36-year-old bride to file a civil law suit against the groom. She is a resident of the Devalegama area in Kegalle.

The 36-year-old woman had been living with her grandmother on Ampara and been employed at a garment factory. She had formed a romantic alliance with a 21-year-old and they had secretly registered their marriage. Later the bride’s party had come to know of the registration.

The groom’s family was apparently unaware of the marriage. The bride’s family who had wanted the marriage ceremony to be celebrated in a grand scale, had also booked a reception hall in the Alawwa area for the ceremony.

The groom had visited the bride on the day prior to the ceremony on October 24 and on the day of the wedding ceremony the bride and relatives had gathered at the reception hall and she had stepped on the ‘poruwa’ for the rituals and was awaiting the arrival of the groom but he had not shown up. Hence the bride and her parents had later lodged a complaint regarding the matter to the Kegalla Police.

Later the issue was forwarded to the Women’s and Children’s unit and when the two parties were summoned, the groom’s parents were shocked to learn of the marriage. However the police had adviced the bride’s party to file a civil law suit against the groom.

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