Oct 01, 2018

CPC to spend Rs. 3 b to change logo!

The government that raised the price of fuel according to a pricing formula in order to cover their losses, is now planning on spending Rs. 3 billion just to change their logo, said JVP Gampaha district MP Vijitha Herath.

He made this statement at a public rally held in Gampaha on September 29. 

“The government has imposed a price formula and they won’t reveal it despite us asking for it. Under this price formula, the government increased the fuel prices claiming that it was to recover the losses of the CPC.

The government that said that, is now ready to spend Rs. 3 billion just to change the CPC logo (the naked man carrying the torch),” Herath said.

At a time when the government is raising the price of fuel monthly and burdening the public, has received the approval of the executive board to change the colour of the logo spending Rs. 3 billion for it, as reported in the ‘Sathi Aga Aruna’ newspaper on September 29.